Say Hello to Jaroslav Křivánek

Corona co-founder on the fascinating links between nuclear weapons and CGI

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Computer graphics pioneer Jaroslav Křivánek set to join Total Chaos.

As Lead of Research and Development at Render Legion, and an Associate Professor at Charles University, Jaroslav travels the world in the name of science. Jaroslav’s hard work and scientific achievements have recently been recognized by the New Europe 100 list.

I'll show how lessons learned from atomic experiments have been used to boost the performance of production renderers, such as Corona and V-Ray.

Jaroslav Křivánek, Lead of Research & Development at Render Legion

Here's Jaroslav's description of his presentation:

“Computer-generated images have become a natural part of our lives, and 3D printing technology is maturing and becoming more widespread. In this talk, I’ll show how these two seemingly unrelated topics share the same basis: accurate simulation of the behavior of light. The fascinating origins of this computational problem can be traced back to the development of first nuclear weapons in the Manhattan project, and to names like von Neumann, Fermi, and Ulam.”

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