Jan Kokol: Design for Life

Pioneering designer and visualizer discusses his work philosophy

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Meet an unfeasibly talented designer who can turn his hand to anything. 

Jan leads design and visualization company IMAGO Design, while working as a consultant for major design firms. He's studied at Technical University Graz, Harvard, and MIT, where he developed the Robokline robotic painting project as a case study for his PhD research.

I’ve refused to let myself be defined by the idea of a profession.

Jan Kokol, CEO & Founder, IMAGO Design

Here's a little more on Jan from the man himself:

“My work covers a wide spectrum from large scale paintings, architectural design, virtual reality environments, hyper-realistic digital imagery, parametric jewelry design up to documentaries about classic sports cars. I’ll talk about how leaving your comfort zone can reward you with fresh energy, and how the fear of failure can lead to new knowledge and experience.”

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