Ivan Basso: Virtual Photographer

Put the pedal to the metal with this supercar superhero

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Ivan Basso’s automobile renderings turn heads and break hearts. At Total Chaos, he’ll drive through his unique workflow.

Ivan is a 3D photographer based in Milan. He began his career as a CGI artist and 3D animator, collaborating with leading creative agencies and post-production crews. He has contributed his creative passion and attention to detail to many successful projects.

Make sure you take advantage of this rare opportunity to look under the hood of Maserati’s catalogues!

Ivan Basso, Digital Artist

In a rare stage appearance outside of his native Italy, Ivan Basso will take you through the steps, twists, and turns of automotive virtual photography – a process he’s successfully applied to nimble Cinquecentos and roaring Quattroportes alike. From CAD data acquisition and preparation, through achieving realism and atmosphere via lighting and materials, to final retouching. 

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