Meet the Speakers: Ian Spriggs

The Renowned 3D Artist will join us for Total Chaos 2018

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One of the Speakers at Total Chaos 2018 is renowned 3D artist Ian Spriggs.

We are excited Ian has joined the speaker lineup with his exciting topic related to digital humans!

When Ian isn’t creating sci-fi beasts for Neill Blomkamp, he’s making beautiful, photorealistic CG portraits of his friends and family. Influenced by the Dutch Masters, these V-Ray rendered images demonstrate a masterful understanding of composition, lighting and pose. We like them so much they even adorn the walls of Chaos Group LA!

In my talk I'll address what it takes to create an emotional connection with a digital human being.

Ian Spriggs, 3D Character Artist

Here’s what Ian’s presentation will cover:

“My work is concerned with creating emotional connections with digital humans, and in my presentation I’ll talk about the techniques I use to achieve this. Many years ago, the masters created realistic portraits of their subjects using little more than a paintbrush. Today I use similar ideas with a new set of tools such as Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop and V-Ray to create my 3D portraits. I’ll also discuss how we can overcome the uncanny valley, and the new challenges we face in a digital age.”

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See you in Sofia!
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