A Journey into VR with Herzog & de Meuron

Michał Baurycza and Mikołaj Bazaczek discuss how virtual worlds are changing architecture

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There are few people better suited to comment on the current state of virtual reality than Michał and Mikołaj from influential Swiss architecture studio Herzog & de Meuron.

Michał joined Herzog & de Meuron in 2014 to expand an in-house team of visualization experts. His duties include producing high-profile images, 360 stereo panoramas, and real-time VR content. He's also working on improving the viz pipeline, and advising architectural team members on workflows.

Mikolaj is a diehard VR architect, self-taught programmer, web designer, and photographer. He joined Herzog & de Meuron’s Digital Technologies Group in 2015 to help visual artists push VR technology further, and integrate it into the everyday design processes.

Using different presentation flavors, we’ll take you on a journey through the history of VR, the requirements it covers, and its most important techniques and technologies.

Michał Baurycza and Mikołaj Bazaczek, Herzog & de Meuron

In the three years since VR was introduced at Herzog & de Meuron, it’s become a medium that can be authored by virtually anyone, and we’ve experienced the spectrum of curses and blessings that VR brings to architects and their clients. We’ll show you how it’s becoming the ultimate communication tool.

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