Chasing Beauty with Gianpiero Monopoli

The past, present and future of arch viz with State of Art Academy co-founder

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State of Art Academy’s approach to teaching artists has lead to some big success stories and amazing images. And it’s not surprising with tutors like Gianpiero Monopoli on the team.

Former Hayes Davidson lead project lead artist Gianpiero co-founded State of Art in 2009, where he currently serves as managing director. Gianpiero is a V-Ray Licensed Instructor, and he’s now researching and developing courses on virtual reality at SoA Academy. 

You’ll find out why it’s important to define your own style — and why technique is only a tiny part of this.

Gianpiero Monopoli, State of Art Academy

CGI tools have never been simpler or more accessible — but how can artists make sure they stand out, and inject beauty into their creations? Attendees of Gianpiero’s masterclass will be taken on a journey through the history of arch viz, from the great masters of the past to today’s cutting-edge visualizers.

Gianpiero will analyze traditional approaches to composition, and then show you how to break the pattern. He’ll also investigate our perception of the images that surround us every day and explain why some of them grab our attention. 

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