From Battlefronts to Bikes with Brendan McCaffrey

Talented digital artist on 22 years in the industry

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We're honored to be joined by Brendan McCaffrey for Total Chaos.

An industrial design graduate of NCAD, Dublin, Brendan produces key art for video games, toys and products, notably the Need for Speed series and Star Wars Battlefront. He is also an avid cyclist, and has recently completed and published a fully illustrated bike maintenance book with DK.

You’ll find out how I’ve used HDR Light Studio over the past 10 years in my work on videogame key art, virtual product photographs, and 600 illustrations for a book.

Brendan McCaffrey, 3D Artist at Bmcaff Studio

Brendan says:

“I’ll present an overview of my evolution as a digital artist over the past 22 years. I'll outline my approach to communication of form and surface value using light and materials, how my workflow has changed, and what has stayed the same.”

The presentation is supported by HDR Light Studio.

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See you in Sofia!
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