Boris Simandoff: Above the V-Ray Cloud

The technical details of V-Ray’s simple and fast cloud rendering service

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Boris’ immense technical know-how and genial nature have made him a key figure at Chaos Group.

Boris has 20 years of experience in software design, code optimization and distributed network systems. At Chaos Group, he’s involved in product engineering management for large-scale projects for the global visualization industries, including V-Ray Application SDK, V-Ray for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino and V-Ray Cloud Services.

I’ll tell you about the key workflows, technologies and Google Cloud services used behind the scenes in V-Ray Cloud.

Boris Simandoff, Chaos Group

Chaos Group’s cloud rendering solution delivers massive scale rendering to thousands to users. In Boris’ presentation, he’ll explain the challenges Chaos Group’s cloud team faced in setting it up, from fast and reliable uploads of huge amounts of data, to monitoring thousands of virtual machines while they render.

Want to know more about V-Ray Cloud? Listen to this CG Garage Podcast with Boris.

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