Asen Atanasov: Thinking Without Portals

Chaos Group expert goes behind the scenes of V-Ray’s new Adaptive Dome Light

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Total Chaos is a great chance to see what happens behind the scenes at Chaos Group, and Asen’s presentation will demonstrate one of V-Ray Next’s awesome new features.

Asen Atanasov is part of the R&D team in the V-Ray Core department, where he’s been working on physically-based lighting and materials, proxy geometry, precomputed light transport and image processing since 2008. He has a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, a Master's degree in Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling from Sofia University, and an ECMI Certificate in Mathematics for Industry.

With V-Ray’s new Adaptive Dome Light, we finally say goodbye to portals!

Asen Atanasov, Senior Software Developer, Chaos Group

Take a look behind the scenes of V-Ray’s new Adaptive Dome Light. This portal-free, fast and memory efficient algorithm accounts for occlusion, and results in considerable speedup in production scenes. The presentation will also cover basic concepts such as image-based lighting, the scattering equation, Monte Carlo integration, importance sampling, and multiple importance sampling (MIS).

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