Andy Thomas: Official Total Chaos Artist

Nature and technology collide in these awesome visuals

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We like Andy Thomas’ art so much we commissioned him to create the artwork for Total Chaos. You’ll see his projects across the Total Chaos site, and in epic scale at the event itself.

Andy specializes in "audio life forms" — beautiful abstract shapes that react to sounds. Recordings and photographs of birds and other animals are gathered by the artist, and the collected data is animated to create video and 2D digital art works.

Find out how technology and early 90s rave parties inspired me to become an artist.

Andy Thomas, Digital Artist

Inspired by the beauty of nature and extensive travel to some of the world’s most ancient rainforests, Thomas fuses together images of flora and fauna into evolved abstract forms. Intricately layered compositions of plants and animals make a strong statement of technology’s impact on planet earth and how advancements in society are affecting the natural systems of life. Andy Thomas will discuss fractal theories in nature, and visualizing sound using 3D software.

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