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Porsche pro talks GPU workflow

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André’s jaw-dropping Porsche renders use V-Ray GPU to deliver photorealistic imagery. At Total Chaos, he’ll talk about how he’s embraced GPU rendering, and show you tips of the trade in an inspiring masterclass.

A passion for fast cars — and fast graphics cards — propelled André from his native Azores to Frankfurt, where he creates stunning visualizations and motion graphics for luxury sports car company Porsche. He’s a formidable fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things V-Ray GPU and CUDA.

I’ll tell you about my ideal GPU-farm back-up for projects which require mind-boggling image quality and last-minute changes.

André Matos, Porsche AG

In his presentation, André will also offer his opinion on the stability on Next GPU Beta, the number of crashes that broke his heart (none), and the application of a new wave of photo-realistic scanned materials made possible by V-Ray RT’s effortless compatibility with Nvidia’s graphic cards.

Ever wondered how a nurb becomes a pixel? André's masterclass will teach you how to optimize your workflow and spend less time doing boring monkey jobs. You'll also learn about the benefits V-Ray Next will bring.

At the end of the masterclass you´ll be able to replicate André's A to Z process for small pipelines, and avoid common mistakes that cost time.

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