Heart of Glass: Alessandro Cannavà

Venini’s senior 3D artist on the unique challenges of CG glass

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© Alessandro Cannavà/VENINI Spa

Alessandro Cannavà’s imagery is stunning, highlighting the multifaceted nature of complex glass structures. At Total Chaos, he’ll talk about how he creates it.

Alessandro graduated with a degree in architecture from the IUAV in Venice in 2012. Since his student days, he’s specialized in computer graphics and the implementation of concept art. He began his career at Pixomondo and Form 3D in Germany, and now he works as Senior 3D Artist at historical artistic Venetian glass furnace Venini.

I'll share some of the tips and tricks I've picked up during my career in this wonderful field.

Alessandro Cannavà, Senior 3D Artist, Venini

Here's how Alessandro describes his presentation:

“The goal of my presentation is to show you how it is possible to combine the traditional skills of glass handicraft with cutting-edge CGI. I will exhibit the results of using both, and I'll cover everything from the designer's first sketch to the final render. Light is of vital importance in this process, so I'll demonstrate the techniques I use to render reflections and refractions.”

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