“Get Out” and “The Walking Dead” FX studio talks V-Ray for Houdini

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Ingenuity Studios has embraced V-Ray for Houdini in its busy production pipeline. Here’s what to expect from Co-founder Grant Miller’s Total Chaos presentation.

LA-based effects house Ingenuity Studios has taken audiences to sunken places with Get Out, brought the undead to life in The Walking Dead, and spiced up numerous Taylor Swift music videos.

As co-founder and partner of this industrious and ingenious studio, Grant Miller assists with the practical elements of shoots and supervises post-production while looking for new ways to streamline effects methodologies and develop in-house tools.

Find out how our compact team completes a variety of effects for over 50 shows, films, and music videos during a typical season.

Grant Miller, Ingenuity Studios

Grant’s presentation will cover the workflows the studio deploys to meet deadlines while maintaining quality, including rapid asset development, transfer from Maya to Houdini, and scene assembly using V-Ray for Houdini. Grant will also reveal a variety of V-Ray for Houdini tips, including digital assets and attribute-driven shading.

Want to learn more about Ingenuity Studios ahead of the presentation this May? Check out our CG Garage podcast with Grant.

Grant’s talk, “Agile VFX with V-Ray for Houdini” will be given at Total Chaos as part of the Craft track. See the full schedule.

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