What to expect from Factory Fifteen’s Masterclass

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The fast and the Factory: find out how this multi-disciplined film and animation studio wins work and builds hair-raising VR experiences for Nissan Formula E.

Paul Nicholls
Creative Director and Co-founder, Factory Fifteen

Could you tell us about yourself and your professional experience?

I studied a Master’s in Architecture at UCL, specializing in film making. My artistic work has been exhibited worldwide, and I have directed content for world-leading architects and brands, focusing on film content and immersive technologies. Saatchi & Saatchi also included me in the New Directors' Showcase at the Cannes Lions in 2015.

What can we expect from your ART track session?

Along with a general overview of Factory Fifteen’s work, my talk titled The Pitch will guide you through the creative processes we adopt to win work. I will showcase un-published films created for architects, brands and events, finishing with and highlighting our latest VR film for Nissan’s Formula E Team.

What are the highlights of your presentation?

For me, this is an opportunity to see the types of early presentations we show our clients and how we build the narrative of each project, rather than just the glossy results. It’s always a bespoke method and that’s part of the fun; a neglected part of the story and I’d like to shine a light on this process. Highlights will include some of our unpublished work, finishing with a new VR animation for a large brand.

Benedetto Bertozzi
3D Generalist, Factory Fifteen

Could you tell us about yourself and your professional experience?

At Factory Fifteen, I’ve worked on a range of projects including arch viz, branded content and marketing from still images, fully 3D animations, live action-3D animations to VR. As a 3D generalist, I get involved in many different stages of production from previs to comp. I’m always trying to learn something new or push our tools creatively.


What can we expect from your Masterclass session?

During the session, titled 0-VR in 2.8s, Paul and I will talk about our VR projects for Nissan Formula E. We’ll take you through the practical and technical challenges of creating and rendering a fantasy racetrack, with a full overview of the project from the client brief to post-production with some technical focus on the most challenging areas of 3D and compositing.


What are the highlights of your presentation?

We’ll give a panoramic view of a project with a short turnaround and analyze it from organizational, technical and artistic perspectives, focusing on the challenges and possibilities of VR output. We’ll break down some of the most exciting parts of the project while focusing on how we tell a story in a 360 environment. We’ll also pass around an Oculus Go so you can see the film for yourself!


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