Interview: Carlos Bausa Martinez on his Total Chaos Masterclass

Total Chaos News        May 3

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Discover how to push your parametric designs to the next level with Wild Design Studio Co-founder and Foster + Partners Environmental Design Analyst Carlos.


Could you tell us about yourself and your professional experience?

I’m an architectural designer who works in the intersection between architecture, art, design and academia. Thanks to parametric 3D modeling and rendering tools I can shape and visualize my thoughts, bringing them to life. I’ve also taught parametric design in Barcelona schools such as the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and the Institute of European Design.

All these years have helped me gain experience in the world of visualization and 3D modeling and widened my vision regarding what an architect can do with these tools. I always felt the need to create new shapes and objects that have an artistic touch, whether they’re digitally fabricated or handcrafted.

Because of our desire to craft things and create new designs my wife, Dirce Medina, and I set up Wild Design Studio. Dirce currently works at Heatherwick studio as a parametric designer, and also has an intensely creative mind. We created this firm to put together our design experiments and ideas and to explore design options with freedom and without corporative constraints so we could create shapes and fabrication ideas at our own pace.

What can we expect from your Masterclass session?

My Masterclass, Architectural daylight data rendering with V-Ray and Grasshopper, will be based on the V-Ray components available in Grasshopper, Rhino’s visual programming platform. You’ll find out how to use them to get animations out of this plug-in in a way that was not possible before.

What are the highlights of your presentation?

During the masterclass, I will use a practical example to show how Grasshopper’s components can animate an architectural parametric model. I will explain step-by-step how a designer can visualize their parametric models in action, with great quality images that help clients and other colleagues visualize their design intentions. The topics I will explore include: camera animations, daylight sequences, analysis mesh rendering, geometry component animation and object instancing.


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