Space Vacation – Student rendering challenge

Special shout-out

Artist: Xavier Moreau

Country: Canada

University: Laval University

Project name: SPACE TRAVEL - Propaganda

Project Description: With the launch of the spacecraft rocket, we're taking the first steps to expand our existence beyond Earth. The goal: establish a permanent and sustainable presence on the planet Mars. The propaganda holds the first role of this quest. Its main objective is to enroll future astronauts who will lead to the establishment of the Red Planet. The spacecraft will collect important data that will prepare the journey for future space vacationers. Lessons learned while creating a permanent research centre on Mars will be used to guide us toward our future goal of a space vacation development in outer space. This expedition will serve as a testing ground for the innovative technology and ideas that will prepare us for the long haul to Mars.

Software used: V-Ray for Rhino 

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