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Student rendering challenge | Submissions now closed

Meet the winners

A big thanks to everyone who took part in our Student rendering challenge and dared to create a better world. Our jury has narrowed down the grand prize winner and counted the votes for the finalists displayed on our Facebook page. Many congratulations to those who won.

Jury winner

Artist: Taewoo Lee
Country: Republic of Korea
University: SF Film School
Project name: Discovery
Project Description: Some time in the 2500s, in the far future, the Earth becomes inhabitable to humans after years of destructive developments. To solve food and habitat crisis, mankind turns their eyes to space. Humans discover a planet that has a chance to be habitable. With this planet "Gliesse 528 d", humans will step forward to further future with new possibilities and new self-built ecosystem.
Software used: V-Ray for Maya

Public winner

Artist: Seonghyeon Park
Country: Republic of Korea
University: SF Film School
Project name: Run Through The Sky
Project Description: The little chipmunk in the forest wanted to look outside. With his best friend, the little friend could run through the sky. "Together, we can explore the world." I used Zbrush, Mari, Maya, Advanced Skeleton, Nuke, and After Effects to make this artwork. I used two fur programs. XGen for the chipmunk and Yeti for the sparrow. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you.
Software used: V-Ray for Maya

Runner up

Artist: Jeongbin Kim
Country: Republic of Korea
University: SF Film School
Project name: Across Space-Time
Project Description: I created an image of "Kareigawa Station", which is a JR train station in Kagoshima Kirishima, Japan. Kareigawa station is a the oldest wooden ground station in Kagoshima State, and it was chosen as "National Registered Cultural Heritage" because of its history. Now it is an unmanned station, but many tourists visit the site to explore the history of elegant wooden buildings in Japan. It is an exquisite wooden station building that goes well with a warm southern country scenery. The atmosphere of the station is full of unique retro-style nostalgia. I think it is better to protect and preserve traditions and history for future generations just like Kareigawa Station has been protected as a legacy to the present generation for more than 100 years.
Software used: V-Ray for Maya

Runner up

Artist: 千泰龙 史
Country: China
University: Central Academy of Fine Arts
Project name: Noon Impression
Project Description: The sun shines its strongest light and spits out all the heat. The wind does not blow, the birds do not sing. When you lower your head, the green grass and fresh flowers whisper; Looking up again, the building is like white sails racing, moving in silence.
Software used: V-Ray for 3ds Max

Runner up

Artist: Jiwon Kim
Country: Republic of Korea
University: SF Film School
Project name: Trams
Project Description: Rather than creating a solution that seems grand and impossible to achieve, I made my project based on a solution that anyone would have thought before to protect our environment. Instead of gas fueled cars, there are electric trams on roads. There won't be noisy engine and horning noise on streets, and toxic green house gas will be gone. Without cars, we can enjoy the fresh air as we walk down pleasant streets. Then we can now breathe the clean air that we could only have enjoyed in the deep nature in our daily life.
Software used: V-Ray for Maya

How would you make tomorrow a better place? 

Share your vision and enter our student rendering challenge for a chance to win V-Ray Education Collection and Corona licenses, Chaos Cloud credits, and much more. 

This year, the theme of our challenge is Create a Better World. We're inviting you to choose a cause that speaks to you, to solve an issue our modern world is facing.

We believe you have the potential to create a better world. What does that world look like to you? Through the power of art as an outlet for creativity and social change, we encourage you to break the boundaries of the impossible. 



When will the competition run?

We’ll accept entries from September 1 to November 30, 2021. The jury panel will select their winner along with up to 12 finalists. The finalists will be published on Chaos' Facebook page on December 10, 2021. The public will have the opportunity to vote and select their winner. The winners will be announced on December 17, 2021.

Who can enter?

We welcome submissions by students all around the world who are enrolled in a computer graphics/3D program or course in a government-accredited educational institution. The challenge is open to students with interest in architectural visualization, interior design, vfx, animation, character design, product design, environment, game design, automotive design, advertising, etc. Be sure to read the official competition rules and privacy notice to check that you qualify.

What should I submit?

The world is large and so are the number of possibilities to be taken in remodeling it. Don’t be afraid to experiment in all directions! Combine materials, textures, colors and forms to express your unique vision. We welcome renderings of architecture, designs, inventions, prototypes, media, entertainment, and anything you think can help make the world better in some way.

What software can I use?

You can use any software to model your vision, but be sure to render in V-Ray or Corona, on any platform with a legitimately acquired license.

How can I get access to Chaos products?

If you don’t already have access to V-Ray or Corona as part of your program or course, you can take advantage of our free fully featured trials to participate in this student rendering contest. 

Download your free 30-day V-Ray trial >

Want more time to get to know V-Ray for Maya? Take advantage of our free trials or our Personal Learning Edition (PLE):

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Need additional render power to meet the deadline? 

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How will the winning entries be chosen?

Our judging panel will choose their winner and share up to 12 finalists on the challenge webpage. The public will have the opportunity to select their winner from the 12 finalists. The winning image will be the artwork that gets the most likes; the next three projects with the most likes will be awarded runner-up prizes.

Any further questions?

To help keep you on track, we have a dedicated support team ready to answer your technical questions and troubleshoot your renderings. Submit a request (for V-Ray support) or contact support@corona-renderer.com (for Corona assistance). For general questions about this challenge, simply email education@chaosgroup.com

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Public Winner (x1)

Public Runners-up (x3)

*Updates and upgrades as per official policy.
We will announce the winners via our social media channels on December 17, 2021.


Meet the jury.

Vittorio Bonapace

 Creative/Art Director

Vittorio Bonapace Studio

Agnieszka Klich

Co-Founder/Arch Viz Artist

Black Balance

Shusen Zhao

 V-Ray Mentor

V-Ray Station

Sergio Manes

Sr. Environment Artist

Blas Pascal University

Beau Janzen
Melissa Knight

Creative Director of Marketing


Alwyn Hunt


The Rookies

Adán Martín

3D Artist

3D Collective

Alex Oliver

Founder & Lead Instructor

SketchUp School

Veselina Zheleva

Director Education

Pedro Fernandez

Architect, 3D Artist, Founder & Creative Director


Nikos Nikolopoulos

Founder/Creative Director
Creative Lighting 

Lon Grohs

Global Head of Creative

Tom Grimes

Product Marketing Manager


Ivan Kozaliev

CG Specialist


Anastasia Zhivaeva

CG Specialist


Ricardo Ortiz

3D Specialist

Ricardo Eloy

3D Specialist


Han Shilin

 3D Specialist


Belle van der Woodsen

Architectural Visualisation Artist/Founder

Belle van der Woodsen

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