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Free courses for juniors by Chaos.

Chaos Camp 2022 - 2023 is a series of free courses aimed at young people who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills in different aspects of coding.

By successfully completing a Chaos Camp course you will acquire better programming knowledge and abilities, as well as soft skills which may open doors for you to the software industry. As a participant in Chaos Camp you will have the exciting opportunity to visit Chaos’ Sofia premises, meet and be mentored by professionals from our team, and last but not least - be part of the selection process for the annual Chaos Internship program.

All courses will be held in Bulgarian language but your English language knowledge may also be tested during the admission process. Lectures will be held mainly online and partly onsite at Chaos’ Sofia office, if the conditions allow. Attending lectures and submitting homeworks is mandatory in order to successfully complete the course and receive a certificate.  

Chaos Camp 2022 - 2023 offers a choice of three courses: 

Algorithms and Data Structures for C++

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Application closed.

Web Programming with Go

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Ray Tracing

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Application closes on February 21, 2023.

Algorithms for С++

“The course opened the doors to Chaos for me.”

Stefan Shklifov

Software Developer, V-Ray for Maya team
Participant in Chaos Camp 2019 - 2020

The Algorithmic course program seemed quite promising and I was eager to apply. I also wanted to learn more about the technologies that Chaos developed. We learned about different algorithms and data structures and the curriculum turned out to be quite intense. If one wants to get the best out of it they have to read additional materials, to code and to regularly prepare their homework.

I have been part of the Chaos team for 2.5 years now and it feels great to be here. Actually the course opened the doors to Chaos for me.


“The Go course was a great opportunity for me.”

Diana Geneva

Software Developer Intern, Chaos Cloud team
Participant in Chaos Camp 2021 - 2022

I am a person who learns best in an organized environment so the Go course was a great opportunity for me.

The course covers the latest Go developments as well as good programming practices overall. Since there is a homework assignment every week you are encouraged to follow along which is good for your motivation. The guest lecturers from the Chaos team were very engaging - for example, by live coding and optimizing a piece of code together with the audience. The final project was the highlight for me. Not only do you get to make a working prototype on a topic that you find interesting but you also receive practical advice on how to improve it.


Ray Tracing

“Delivered with passion, the course felt like a true journey.”

Asen Markov

Software Developer Intern, V-Ray for Maya team
Participant in Chaos Camp 2021 - 2022

Ray Tracing sounds scary, right? At least it did to me. But the Chaos Camp Ray Tracing course showed me how easy it is to get going. We started creating wild images from the very beginning and with every new task came a new challenge to go out and get creative. Delivered with passion, the course felt like a true journey. And like any good journey, it had a dragon at the end.

After completing the course and building my first ray tracer, I was filled with confidence and inspiration. I am now an intern at Chaos and in large part, I owe it to this course. The journey goes on and I know – a new dragon awaits. There’s one for you too.

FAQs about Chaos Camp

Who is Chaos Camp for?

Chaos Camp is open for students in computer science and junior professionals with knowledge in computer science, coding and algorithms. 

Is the Camp appropriate for high school graduates and junior students?

The courses require certain knowledge and practical experience. If you consider yourself well prepared in the basics of the courses’ subjects, don’t hesitate to apply. If your entry test results are not sufficient this time, you could prepare yourself better for the next season of the Camp and try again.

What is the admission procedure?

Once the admissions for a certain Chaos Camp course are open, all details about the process are published on the course’s page.

What are my chances of admission?

There is an entry test for the Algorithms & Data Structures for C++ and Web Programming with Go courses. Up to 25 best performers at these tests will be invited to take part in each of the courses. In the previous season, 100+ candidates were allowed to take the entry tests.

There is no entry test for the Ray Tracing course. Participants will be selected based on their application documents.

Can I attend a Chaos Camp course from another city different from Sofia?

 Yes, you can attend the courses remotely as most of the lectures will be presented online. However, if conditions allow, some sessions will be held at Chaos’ office on 145 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd, so you may need to plan some visits to Sofia.  

Will I get a certificate at the end of a Chaos Camp course?

All participants who regularly attend the course they’re enrolled in and successfully complete the final task will receive a Certificate for participation from Chaos which includes information about the curriculum of the course. 

Will Chaos Camp help me become a Chaos employee?

Chaos Camp can most definitely be your doorway to an Internship or a full-time job at Chaos - in the Testimonials section above you can see some of the Camp’s alumni who are now part of Chaos and there are many more just like them! 

Note: Chaos can offer internships only to participants who are above 18 years old. If you are under 18, you can still enter the course but will not be eligible for job opportunities at Chaos.

Are there any fees to be paid for the participation in the course?

The Chaos Camp courses are free of charge for all participants. There will be no fees or taxes.

Ray Tracing

Application closes February 21, 2023.

Past courses

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