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From Zero to Hero

How to secure your dream archviz career
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Take the first steps toward your dream career.

Chaos is back with its second edition of From Zero to Hero, bringing together industry professionals for a series of engaging and inspirational 15-minute talks. The event focuses on delivering advice and insights from an arch viz vlogger and freelancer, a university professor, and an associate director. Together, they’ll guide you toward your dream career! 

Whether your heart is set on freelancing and building your own project from scratch, or landing a job at a top archviz studio, our industry experts present actionable tips on how to get there. You will learn about the recruitment process, building your portfolio and CV, and where to look for open job positions. 

We finish with a roundtable discussion and a Q&A session hosted by Nicklas Byriel Pedersen of Chaos Theory, and Negative Black.

Don’t miss this opportunity to go from From Zero to Hero — with a little help from some of the best in the industry.

Тhe host

Nicklas Byriel Pedersen
Head of Department, Chaos Theory 

Nicklas’ professional focus is 3D as a generalist/TD. 

For the past 11 years, he’s run his own company where he produces 3D graphics, motion graphics, and video, and has been teaching at the award-winning school 3D College Denmark. 

Recently he started working at cgspectrum.com as Head of  Department creating new courses in the field of visualization. He also founded Chaos Theory, an online educational platform/YouTube channel for 3D artists.  


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Agnieszka Klich
Co-Founder, Arch Viz Artist

Agnieszka is the Co-Founder of the architectural visualization studio Black Balance and Arch Viz Artist, the website and YouTube channel where you can find online courses relating to the discipline of 3D art. She shares tricks, tips, and tutorials, and teaches strategies on how to gain a competitive edge in the creative market. Agnieszka combines technical skills with an artistic approach that produces captivating end results. She has published the book “The Art of Arch Viz Images” that explains what separates a good 3D expert from a true artist.

Abdul Mohammed
CAD Technician, Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London

Over the course of running a successful design studio and working as an architect for more than two decades, Abdul has acquired a broad portfolio of knowledge that ranges from graphic design, to architecture and computer science. He initially arrived at Central Saint Martins to work as a studio technician for five weeks, and has been there now for 25 years! During his time there, he has met some amazing people and worked with inspiring students.

Tsvetan Stoykov
Associate Director, Redvertex

Tsvetan has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Design from the University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria and has contributed his expertise to projects across a diverse portfolio since joining the Redvertex team. His passion for innovation, design, and new rendering techniques fuels his pursuit of creating world-class CGIs. He leads a thriving team of excellent professionals with diverse talents and passion for perfection.

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