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From Zero to Hero

Kickstart your career with this exclusive series of talks from seasoned arch viz professionals.
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So, you want a career in arch viz — but where
do you begin?

With From Zero to Hero, Chaos is here to help deliver professional advice and insights into the architecture industry from people who have worked their way up to successful positions and projects.

Join us for a series of engaging and inspirational 15-minute talks. The event will focus on delivering tips and tricks, advice and insights from successful professionals on kick starting your career in the arch viz industry.

We’ll finish with a roundtable discussion and a Q&A session hosted by Nicklas Byriel Pedersen of 3D College, Chaos Theory, and Negative Black.

Don’t miss this opportunity to go from From Zero to Hero — with a little help from some of the best in the industry.

Тhe host

Nicklas Byriel Pedersen
Chaos Theory 

Nicklas’ professional focus is 3D as a generalist/TD. 

For the past 11 years, he’s run his own company where he produces 3D graphics, motion graphics, and video, while teaching at the award-winning 3D College Denmark. 

He also founded Chaos Theory, an online educational platform/YouTube channel for 3D artists.  






Davide Paolini
Founder, 3D Graphic Academy

After many collaborations with Italian companies such as Antoniolupi, Pianca, and Olivieri, Davide founded 3D Graphic Academy, an Italian 3D arch viz academy with online and on-site classes for architects, interior designers, and students. Davide's approach to teaching is characterized by his love for natural light in architecture, his photography skills, and "contenitore e contenuto,” a unique new approach to interiors and exteriors.

Jake Denham
3D Artist and Tutorial Creator, Chaos Corona

Jake is a 3D artist and tutorial creator over at Chaos Corona, and a V-Ray Mentor. After training in video game design, Jake completed an MA in Digital Design, and then created 3D images for exciting companies including Palmer Johnson Yachts, Volkswagen, Kia, Grundig, The Times, F10 Studios, and SHH Architects. Jake shares his knowledge via his blog and YouTube channel.

Bennett Oh
Content Creator and Architectural Designer, Archi Hacks

Based in North America, Bennett is a content creator and architectural designer at Archi Hacks and Meme Architects. He is deeply passionate about making the practice of architecture accessible to a wider audience by leveraging technology and imagery.

John Luke Hodgkins
Founder & Creative Director, Another Artist

Another Artist is a visual arts studio specializing in 3D architectural animation and product visualization. The studio was founded by John Luke Hodgkins, an art director from the UK, with a passion for fine art, design, advertising and film. The studio has created digital environments for some of the world's leading CGI + VFX firms. We are designers, thinkers and storytellers who love making captivating artwork.

Ivaylo Kovachev
Associate Director, Redvertex

Ivaylo is an Associate Director at REDVERTEX with a flair for problem solving and an eye for detail that ensures project delivery of the highest order. With a Master's Degree in Marketing, his career involved leading large, multidisciplinary teams and he was involved in planning and designing high-profile, complex projects.

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