Optimizing your design workflow with Chaos Vantage

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Join us on December 13th at 5pm GMT, for this deep dive webinar to see how you can enhance your visualization workflow using Chaos Vantage. Get insights on how to create captivating visual presentations of your V-Ray designs, perform minor lighting tweaks to your scenes, and effectively collaborate on all changes with peers and clients.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up your scene in Chaos Vantage and work alongside 3ds Max
  • Enhance your scene with assets from Chaos Cosmos
  • Create scene states to explore and present design variations
  • Use the animation editor to animate between states
  • Apply minor lighting tweaks and color corrections on the fly
  • Explore all design possibilities as if you were presenting to a client
  • Adjust the best rendering settings for your final designs

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Meet the presenter


Yunal Zobu

CG Specialist

Yunal is a 3D Generalist with over a decade of experience in the field of CGI and a great passion for real-time visualizations and interactive projects. Before joining Chaos, he led a small team of 3D and real-time artists. Yunal is a long-time Cinema 4D user and his enthusiasm towards the new integration of V-Ray for Cinema 4D brought him to Chaos. Nowadays, apart from Cinema 4D, he is also specialized in 3ds Max and Vantage.

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