Free webinar: V-Ray Next for SketchUp

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Join this webinar to discover how the powerful new additions in V-Ray Next for SketchUp deliver great-looking results right out of the box.

On Wednesday, March 6, CG Specialist Cory Holm will host a free webinar to show you how the powerful new additions in V-Ray Next for SketchUp deliver great-looking results right out of the box. Together, we’ll explore how V-Ray Next for SketchUp can enhance both interior and exterior scenes.

Topics covered will include:

  • Asset Library Management
    How to manage assets of any type in an intuitive and customizable folder structure. See how to create custom libraries to share between projects, visualize shader hierarchies, and preview your materials, lights, textures and render elements in a single viewer.
  • Improved lighting workflows
    How to set up and improve the lighting in your interior scenes with the Scene Interaction tool. Learn how to resize multiple light instances at the same time and change light size without affecting intensity. You’ll also see how to accurately measure real-world illumination levels in your scene with the new lighting analysis render element.
  • New denoising possibilities
    How the new NVIDIA AI Denoiser will remove noise nearly instantly while rendering and make close to real-time iterations.
  • Scene intelligence
    How to render your scenes up to 7x faster using the new Adaptive Dome Light. You’ll also see how Scene Intelligence will optimize rendering using automatic analysis of your scene. Plus, see the new automatic camera exposure and white balance settings in action, which will help you to render correctly exposed and color-balanced images.
  • 2x Faster V-Ray GPU
    How GPU rendering is now twice as fast, on average, thanks to V-Ray Next’s new rendering architecture.

...and more!


Watch the recording


Cory Holm
CG Specialist,

Cory Holm has a broad variety of professional experience at the intersection of visual arts and technology. After he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Film, he worked in a variety of roles for several major tech companies. Eventually, his interest in 3D design inspired him to pursue freelancing and architecture visualization. Since joining Chaos Group, he has worked with V-Ray for Maya and V-Ray for 3ds Max, and assisted with training and product releases.

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