V-Ray Next for Revit is here – next generation rendering.

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Join our webinar and learn what’s new in V-Ray Next for Revit.

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 architect Ana Lyubenova will host a free webinar to show you how the powerful new additions in V-Ray Next for Revit can enhance the design process,  boost your productivity and help you achieve great-looking images right from your favourite BIM environment. 

Topics covered will include:

  • New Asset Editor
    Create, edit, save and manage your V-Ray materials all in one place with the new Asset Editor. New advanced materials give designers even more control to fine-tune their designs.

  • Appearance Manager
    See how you can set basic Revit assets to automatically switch to more realistic V-Ray assets at render time.

  • Randomize proxy objects
    Add variety to your scene entourage such as plants and trees by randomizing the scale and rotation of V-Ray Proxy and V-Ray Scene instances.

  • V-Ray Scene linking
    Link render-ready V-Ray scene files (.vrscene) from your favorite V-Ray applications, complete with geometry, lights and materials.

  • Lighting Analysis
    Easily visualize real-world illumination values (lux) with the new Lighting Analysis render element.

  • Revit Decals
    Add images to paintings, signs, screens and more. V-Ray Next for Revit adds full support for Revit Decals.

  • Auto Exposure and White Balance
    See how to use the V-Ray Physical Camera to set the correct camera exposure and white balance automatically.

  • Faster rendering
    On average, V-Ray Next for Revit has been optimized to render twice as fast as the previous version. And with the new Adaptive Dome Light, image-based lighting is now faster than ever.

  • Settings and work-sharing
    V-Ray settings are now stored within your Revit files, making it easy for you to adopt and share the same render settings across teams and projects.

  • Improved Denoising
    A new NVIDIA AI Denoiser uses artificial intelligence to remove noise in an instant. And the V-Ray Denoiser now supports denoising individual render channels to simplify compositing.

And more!

Watch the recording


Ana Lyubenova
Product Specialist, Chaos

Ana joined Chaos’ V-Ray for Revit team in 2016, where she took various roles. Currently, she is responsible for the product management. Ana is also a working architect with over 10 years experience in Autodesk Revit and BIM.

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