V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D Webinar

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Our free live webinar will teach you how to make the most of V-Ray 5's most exciting new features and workflow changes — and how to go beyond rendering.

Date: February 17, 2021

During the webinar, host Cory Holm will familiarize you with V-Ray 5’s most exciting new features. He’ll also walk you through workflow changes and give you useful tips that make it faster and easier to get the results you want.

You’ll find out about the new V-Ray Frame Buffer, learn how to add more variety to your scenes through new material layers, enhance the magic hour with the refreshed Sun and Sky system, go beyond rendering with V-Ray’s built-in interactive post-processing — and much more!

This 50-minute session will be divided into two parts. After each part, Cory will open the floor for questions — so be sure to take down any queries that come to mind during the presentation. You'll also invited to tell us which topics you’d like to find out more about and which learning resources you'll find most helpful.

During the webinar, we’ll cover topics such as: 

  • Introduction to the new V-Ray Frame Buffer 
  • Getting familiar with the user interface improvements 
  • Adding more variety to your scenes through new material layers
  • Walk-through the workflow changes and useful tips 
  • Enhancing the magic hour with the new Sun and Sky system
  • Creating multiple lighting scenarios from a single render without re-rendering
  • Compositing renders directly in the new V-Ray Frame Buffer.

... And more! 

Did we mention that it’s free?


Getting familiar with V-Ray 5’s new features and workflow changes
Cory Holm
15 min.
Cory Holm & Ivan Shaykov
10 min.
Going beyond rendering with V-Ray’s built-in interactive post-processing
Cory Holm
15 min.
Cory Holm & Ivan Shaykov
10 min.

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February 17

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Meet the presenters

Cory Holm
CG Specialist

Cory Holm has a broad variety of professional experience at the intersection of visual arts and technology. After he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Film, he worked in a variety of roles for several major tech companies. Eventually, his interest in 3D design inspired him to pursue freelancing and architecture visualization. Since joining Chaos Group, he has worked as a generalist and assisted with training and product releases.

Ivan Shaykov
Product Specialist

Ivan has a master’s degree in computer graphics and animation from New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Before joining Chaos Group, he worked as a freelancer focused on 3D and graphic design while pursuing web design as a hobby. Since joining Chaos Group, Ivan has been actively working with V-Ray for 3ds Max, V-Ray for Maya and V-Ray for Cinema 4D.

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