Creating detailed exteriors in no time.

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Explore the unexplored with V-Ray 6’s new features.

In this webinar, our 3D artists show you how V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max’s new features helped them create the fantastic visuals in our release video

Topics covered:

  • Adding detail to fill out scenes with random or patterned scatters of objects such as rocks or plants
  • Crafting just the right cloudy sky for your environment and bringing it to life with animation
  • Making materials with more detail than alpha maps, displacement, and bump could ever achieve thanks to Enmesh
  • Using displacement in your Decals
  • Sharing results and receiving feedback with team members and clients in the Cloud
  • Improving materials with thin film effects, better translucency, and more realistic energy conservation
  • Embedding an object in an HDRI environment in a realistic way that works from different angles

... and more!

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Anastasia Zhivaeva
CG Specialist

Anastasia has a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia. Before joining Chaos, she gained experience in the preservation of architectural heritage, interior design, and as a graphic designer. Since joining Chaos, she has worked as a generalist and assisted with training and product releases.

Veso Mihaylov
CG Specialist

Veso joined the Chaos team in 2015. He is actively involved in creating presentation content and videos for workflow training and product launches. Veso holds a Master’s degree in Digital Media from the Technical University of Denmark. He is passionate about computer graphics and photography.

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