© Andrea Pedrotti
© Andrea Pedrotti

Chaos Vantage live webinar - May 18, 2022 | 6pm CET

Pedal to the metal: How to render a high-speed car animation with Chaos Vantage
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What a trip!

This Chaos Vantage webinar takes you behind the scenes of a project so cool, we had to show you. Creator of Spectrum, Andrea Pedrotti and Chaos’ Simeon Balabanov talk cars, craft, and creativity, and show you how to push Vantage to the limits. 

 In this webinar, Andrea walks us through his creative process and demonstrate:

  • Finding inspiration through anime, music and sports cars
  • Managing and planning a personal project — goal setting, scoping and execution
  • Building moods, storyboards, and experimenting
  • Creating life-like cameras and animating adrenaline-pumped sequences
  • Iterating through previz variations in real-time
  • Rendering multiple images and animations in lighting fast times with Vantage

Watch the recording


Andrea Pedrotti
Senior 3D artist, Brick Visual

Andrea graduated as an architect at the Politecnico of Milan in 2019. During university, he developed an interest in creating videos and received commissions as a freelance videomaker. He started his career as an architect and 3D artist in Milan and in the meantime, he worked as a professor assistant at Politecnico of Milan. In 2020, after attending Brick Academy, he joined Brick Team where he’s currently working as a Senior 3D Artist and Project Manager. In his free time, he conveys his personal visions through individual projects.

Simeon Balabanov
Product Manager, Chaos Vantage, V-Ray for Unreal

A CG professional with over 15 years' experience in the field of CGI and rendering, including CG supervisor positions at some of the biggest animation studios in Bulgaria, Simeon is one of Chaos' top CG specialists. As a product manager for Chaos Vantage and V-Ray for Unreal, he is currently responsible for developing the products, their integration in various workflows and their deployment with key customers.

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