Join us and immerse in the world of 3D visualization.

Our first in-person event for 2024 coverеd a wide range of topics, from creative storytelling and the latest CG techniques to efficient workflow strategies and the impact of technological advancements and AI in visualization.  

We've teamed up with the Berlin ArchViz community and xoio for an evening full of exciting presentations by Fabian Oberhammer, widely known as The Dizzy Viper, Artur Tamiola and Bartosz Domiczek from CommonPoint, and Marc Gruber-Laux from sooii.

Recap video



Marc Gruber-Laux
Managing Director, sooii

Marc Gruber-Laux is a graduate in architecture who founded the visualization firm "pure" in 2005 and, in 2019, merged it to "sooii" where he currently serves as a partner and managing director.
In both his professional and personal pursuits, Marc finds joy in bringing together the creative world of art and the ever-evolving realm of technology, especially 3D and most currently AI.

Fabian Oberhammer
3D Artist, TheDizzyViper

Fabian Oberhammer is a 3D artist from Italy who has been creating renders on a daily basis for the past 7+ years. Fabian has a following of over 150,000 on social media, and has an interest in fine art and exhibitions. Two of his most recognized collections are the Barn Find Supercar, and Flooded Supercar artworks.

Artur Tamiola
Co-Founder, CommonPoint.

With 13 years of experience, Artur has had the chance to challenge himself in various creative fields such as 3D rendering, animation, color grading, editing, copywriting, and art direction. He combines his skills to look at a project from a wide perspective before working his way down to every last detail. Artur looks for optimal solutions when running a project, and above all, focuses on good communication with people

Bartosz Domiczek
Co-Founder, CommonPoint.

Bartosz is an award-winning CG artist from Poland with a background in architecture and traditional art. His main field of expertise is architectural visualization but he enjoys creative exploration and stepping out of his comfort zone, especially in his personal work. Throughout his career, Bartosz has had the opportunity to work with major worldwide brands and he’s presented at industry events including SOA Academy Days and Total Chaos.

Kaj Burival
‬Senior Application Engineer, Chaos

Based in Germany, Kaj is a Senior Application Engineer at Enscape, where he provides technical support and training. He trained as a 3D artist and is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about gaming and real-time rendering technology. Kaj has a deep knowledge of all things Enscape which he loves to share with our worldwide community of users.

Yane Markulev
CG Specialist, Chaos

Yane has been interested in CGI ever since his first attempt to create a 3D space in CAD software when he was a teenager. He began his professional career at an architectural visualization studio based in the UK and created images and films for world-renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster, as well as famous product and automotive brands. Eventually, CGI became more than a hobby and profession for Yane; it was a passion and a way of life.


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