Chaos Day Paris

October 20, 2022 | Cyclone
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Comment vivre ensemble demain?

Nous vous souhaitons nombreux le 20 octobre prochain au Studio Cyclone, Paris 13° où la question du nouveau contrat social et territorial sera au cœur de notre afterwork (16h -20h).

L’idée de cette rencontre est de proposer aux architectes, designers et leaders d’opinion un espace d’échanges et de réflexion autour des défis que notre société doit affronter afin d’assurer demain le vivre ensemble.

Nous vous proposons une série de présentations d’une vingtaine de minutes chacune sur les nouveaux standards de l’habitat et de la ville, la fusion entre l’approche moderne et classique, la redynamisation des quartiers et des espaces urbains, les nouvelles exigences des donneurs d’ordre et bien sûr l’absolue nécessité de s’adapter aux changements climatiques et de préserver les ressources de notre habitat principal, la Terre.

Un tour de table et une session de questions réponses concluront les présentations avant de poursuivre autour d’un cocktail.

Rendez-vous le 20 octobre.

October 20 2022, 16:00 - 20:00
Cyclone, 16 Rue Vulpian, 75013 Paris, France
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How will we live together in 2022?

Join us at our Paris event on Oct 20, 2022 from 16:00 - 20:00 at Cyclone to dive deep into exploring the social and spacial contracts of tomorrow. 

Our goal is to provide a creative playground for architects, designers, and thought leaders to come together and discuss the challenges architecture is facing in 2022 and beyond.

Guests will engage in a series of 15-20 minute presentations on topics such as new standards of living, mixing modern and classic approaches, breathing new life into urban spaces and districts, current demands of clients, as well as sustainability and energy conservation. 

The presentations will be followed by a discussion panel, and we’ll wrap up with a bit of networking and cocktails.

Hope to see you there!  

October 20 2022, 16:00 - 20:00
Cyclone, 16 Rue Vulpian, 75013 Paris, France
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16:00Registration and seating20min
16:20Opening10 min
16:30Pierre Lecomte, Kreaction
Kreaction: the crafts and tools of a studio to help visualize the city of tomorrow.

Dionysios Tsagkaropoulos, Renzo Piano
The new challenges for the visualization industry for building a better world.

Frédéric Tabary
A villa for the Homeless:
How to influence and take part in the circular economy and sustainable development
90 min
18:00Discussion panel30 min
18:30-19:30Cocktail60 min


Pierre Lecomte
Art Director, Kreaction

After a few years in Asia, (Hong Kong, Singapore), during which he shaped his eyes and his interest for storytelling, Pierre Lecomte moved back to France and joined Kreaction to take over the creative direction of the studio. His main focus is to bring back storytelling at the heart of each visualization tool.
Kreaction is a graphic studio, composed of about 30 people, specialized in the creation of realistic renderings and 3D animation movies for architects and city-planers.

Yordan Zarev
CG Specialist, Chaos

Yordan Zarev has a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia. While studying, Yordan developed a passion for 3D rendering and decided to pursue a career in architectural visualization. Since joining the Chaos team, Yordan has taken on numerous responsibilities in its 3D pipeline, creating stunning scenes and imagery for videos, training programs and webinars.

Dionysios Tsagkaropoulos
Responsable d'Imagerie / CGI Manager, Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Visionary and always in search of new technological innovations, in 1993 driven by my love for architecture and design, I decided to move in Italy and to study at the IUAV University in Venice. In a few years my vision, my passion and dedication to digital art took shape. In 1999 following my instinct, I realized my dream and founded Delta Tracing, which from the very beginning got positioned in the high-end visualization market, producing quality and evoking emotions. At the same time, from 2000 to 2012 I worked for Autodesk and TechData covering the role of 3ds Max Specialist & Application Engineer. In January 2016, thanks to my professional background and production quality, I moved to Paris and I proudly started working for Renzo Piano Building Workshop as Responsable d'Imagerie / CGI Manager.

Frédéric Tabary

Interior architect and designer by passion, co-founder of Up for SketchUp, designer of "Une villa en Urgence", TV columnist, host, and producer of programmes for design professionals, Frédéric Tabary has been a real jack-of-all-trades for more than 20 years in the design industry. In parallel to his work with clients, Frédéric always has two or three projects on the go.
Since 2014, Frédéric has been a TV decorator on TF1 and France 3, and now works with Stéphane Plazza on M6. That same year, he created "un cube dans mon jardin", a concept room.
In November 2017, Frédéric imagined the "Villa en Urgence". The idea: to transform refrigerated trucks and containers into temporary housing to shelter the homeless. He will have the opportunity to present this project to President Macron during the Great Debate.
In 2019, Frédéric and his partner Jean-Yves Saintot created a SketchUp extension for interior decorators. He is now a software editor and has recently become the producer of the programme Archi Convaincus, aimed at design professionals.

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October 20, 2022 | Cyclone
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