3D Berlin: Chaos Meets Creativity

September 21, 2023 | Studio Chérie
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Join Chaos, the Berlin ArchViz Meetup community, and our friends from xoio for an exciting view into a dynamic archviz landscape.

For the third edition of our meetup in Berlin, we are joining forces with the Berlin ArchViz Meetup group and 3D visualization studio xoio. Join us on September 21 at 6pm local time for a dive into the world of architecture and design with our guest speakers Nadia Monte, Yannis Efstathiou, Peter Stulz from xoio, and the Chaos team. We will talk about AI, 3D people, digital storytelling, and how we see the archviz industry adapt to emerging technology. We’ll finish off with some friendly chatting and beer.

Places are limited, so let us know your interest by saving your spot in advance.

Hope to see you there!

21 September 2023, 18:00 CET
Studio Chérie, Hobrechtstr. 65/66, 3-4 OG, 12047 Berlin

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18:00Registration and seating15 min
18:15Opening5 min
18:20Nadia Monte
There is nothing more causal than what seems random

Yannis Efstathiou
Photogrammetry on the go

Peter Stulz & Steve Pfaffe
No-nonsense AI in ArchViz

Melos Azemi
The tools we use to solve entrepreneurial challenges as a 3D artist
75 min
19:35Chaos 3D team
What to know about V-Ray and Enscape
25 min
20:00-21:00Networking/cocktail1 hour


Nadia Monte
Digital artist, Nadia Monte

Born in Tursi, Italy, Nadia has loved creative arts from a young age. She realized she wanted to become a CG artist whilst studying at the Architectural School at the University of Florence. She became known internationally after becoming a finalist in the student image category at the CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards and was featured in the third edition of 3Disciple Magazine. In 2021 she participated as a judge in the CG Awards.
Currently, she lives in Berlin and is focused on combining drawing, photography, mental journeys, and creativity to tell a story.

Yannis Efstathiou
3D Artist & Founder, GRAU Visuals

Yannis was born in Athens but lives in Berlin. He studied architecture, and has a profound fascination with digital imagery. After working in several architectural offices as an architect and 3D visualizer, Yannis founded GRAU Visuals in 2015. He is passionate to create realistic images and explore the boundaries of digital space.

Peter Stulz
Creative director & CEO, xoio

Peter holds a Master's in Architecture, but due to a short attention span, CG-spaces seemed to be a more suitable career path. He founded xoio in 2006 as an architectural illustration company and teamed up with Bettina to keep xoio alive and kicking until today.
Lately, Peter rediscovered traditional media again so you might find him feverishly scribbling in his sketchbook envisioning some useless sci-fi machinery.

Steve Pfaffe
3D design, xoio

Steve was born in the green heart of Germany. He studied Interior Design and joined xoio in 2013. Swapping Backup-Tapes since then.

Melos Azemi
3D visualizer, Melos Azemi

Melos Azemi is a 3D visualizer, and the founder of a YouTube channel and organization that helps students and aspiring and inquiring architects make an impact in architectural design with educational content.

Norbert Gräser
Teamlead - Application Engineering, Chaos Enscape

Norbert has been a 3D enthusiast since the early days in the 90s. He was born in Germany and has worked in AEC and BIM in Europe and overseas. At Chaos Enscape, he leads the team of application engineers to support clients and colleagues around the globe.

Yane Markulev
CG Specialist, Chaos

Yane has been interested in CGI ever since his first attempt to create a 3D space in CAD software when he was a teenager. He began his professional career at an architectural visualization studio based in the UK and created images and films for world-renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster, as well as famous product and automotive brands. Eventually, CGI became more than a hobby and profession for Yane; it was a passion and a way of life.

Save your spot for 3D Berlin: Chaos Meets Creativity. Seats are limited.

September 21, 2023 | Studio Chérie


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