© Toni Bratincevic
© Toni Bratincevic

What’s Next? Your Vision of the Future

Student rendering challenge | October 8 – November 23, 2018
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Enter the student competition with your render of what tomorrow holds and win great prizes, including a V-Ray or Corona commercial license.

Chaos Group and Render Legion invite students to imagine: What’s next?

Want to show us the next-generation of self-driving cars? Or can you envisage what it’s like to live in a supersmart skyscraper? Perhaps you can take us to another planet on an intergalactic spaceship? As long you show us the future via V-Ray or Corona, we’ll be smiling.

This student contest is an exciting opportunity for you to indulge in your creativity, showcase your work — and win amazing prizes!

What should I submit?
We want you to show us what comes next. You can use any software to model your vision, but be sure to render in V-Ray or Corona, on any platform with a legitimately acquired license.

Who can enter?
We welcome submissions by computer graphics students all around the world who are currently enrolled in an accredited program or course. Please read the official rules before submitting your entry.

What do I need to take part?
Hopefully, you’ll already have access to V-Ray or Corona as part of your program or course. If you don’t, you can always take advantage of our free fully-featured trials.

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How will you choose the winning images?
Our judging panel will choose a grand-prize winner and share 12 finalists on Chaos Group’s Facebook Page. The public will have the opportunity to select their winner from the 12 finalists. The winning image will be the artwork that gets the most likes; the next three projects with the most likes will be awarded runner-up prizes 

When will the competition run?
We’ll accept entries from October 8 to November 23, 2018. We'll announce the finalists and open the public vote on December 3, 2018. The winners will be announced on December 10, 2018. 

Any further questions?
To make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, we have a dedicated support team ready to help you out with absolutely anything. Get in touch at education@chaosgroup.com or support@corona-renderer.com.


Jury Winner (x1)

  • A perpetual V-Ray or Box Corona commercial license of winner’s choice*
  • The opportunity to be accredited as a V-Ray Certified Professional
  • A three-hour V-Ray workshop at the winner’s school by a Chaos Group expert
  • A case study featured on the Chaos Group website
  • Personal review and feedback from the contest jury
  • Full-access ticket for Chaos Group's annual Total Chaos conference

Public Winner (x1)

  • A perpetual V-Ray or Box Corona commercial license of winner’s choice*
  • The opportunity to be accredited as a V-Ray Certified Professional
  • Personal review and feedback from the contest jury
  • Full-access ticket for Chaos Group's annual Total Chaos conference

Public Runners-up (x3)

  • A one-year EDU V-Ray or Corona license of winner’s choice*

*Updates and upgrades as per official policy
We will announce the winners via our social media channels on December 10, 2018


Judging panel

Lon Grohs

CCO & VP Strategic Marketing, Chaos Group

Visualization futurist Lon Grohs oversees Chaos Group’s customer strategy and is the founder of the collaborative R&D hub, Chaos Group Labs. Lon was Principal and Creative Director at architectural visualization studio Neoscape and led projects with Foster+Partners, ZHA, and SOM. He’s also the President of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI).

Tom Grimes

Marketing Specialist, Render Legion

Tom is the Marketing Specialist at Render Legion, the makers of Corona Renderer. Before joining the Render Legion team in 2016, he worked in the field as a freelance 3D artist, programmer, and additionally worked for ten years as a marketing specialist for 3D software companies around the world. His specialties include 3D illustration and animation.

Atanas Tudzharov

CG Specialist, Chaos Group

Atanas Tudzharov is a Chaos Group 3D Specialist with ten years of experience in the industry. Before joining Chaos Group in 2016, he worked in a post-production studio creating VFX content for commercials, music videos and movies. Joining the 3D production team at Chaos Group, Atanas is responsible for creating the stunning imagery in our videos.

Bozhidar Stoyanov

CG Specialist, Chaos Group

Bozhidar joined Chaos Group in 2014 after working as a freelance modeler. He now produces 3D content for Chaos that tests and showcases the various capabilities of V-Ray on all supported platforms. His interests in computer graphics expand all the way from architectural visualization to VFX. Bozhidar is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.


A big thanks to everyone who took part in our student rendering challenge. Our jury have narrowed down the grand prize winner and counted the votes for the finalists displayed on our Facebook page. Many congratulations to those who won.

Artist: Jak Pagan
Country: USA
University: Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Project Description: Capsule Original concept art by Khang Le. 5 weeks from start to finish for my Intro to Maya class at Gnomon.
Software used: V-Ray for Maya


Artist: Isaac Zuren
Country: Mexico
University: Tecnológico de Monterrey
Project Description: In the year 2086, Mexico City will become a city of social inequality and poverty. Arco, a group of parkour revolutionaries, illegally climb the highest skyscrapers to send messages of awareness and justice through graffiti. Almost all textures are procedural and dynamic, the character was created in Zbrush and I comped the piece in Nuke.
Software used: V-Ray for Maya
Votes: 1 246


Artist: Koycho Krachanov
Country: Bulgaria
University: UACEG
Project Description: The year is 2118, problems such as overpopulation and environmental pollution are long gone and people live healthily. New parts of the University of Architecture in Sofia merge into the old ones, representing the growth of the society and technology, and the surrounding accommodation structures sustain themselves with zero energy waste.
Software used: V-Ray for Rhino
Votes: 956


Artist: Yi-Chien Tsai
Country: Taiwan
University: School of Continuing Education Chinese Culture University, R.O.C
Project Description: In the submarine city of the future, living underwater has become perfectly normal. People in these cities want to see familiar scenery, so they build a submarine forest and it becomes a home for both terrestrial and aquatic life.
Software used: V-Ray for 3ds Max
Votes: 586


Artist: Matteo Morana
Country: Italy
University: Università degli Studi di Firenze
Project Description: Earth showed signals of destruction but man did not listen. Technological progress, overpopulation and pollution led to cultural and social decline, and humanity witnessed its own annihilation. However, all is not lost, like a sunflower that comes from a heap of earth in the ruins.
Software used: Corona for Cinema 4D
Votes: 310

Didn’t win this time? Stay tuned for more exciting chances to unleash your creativity with V-Ray and Corona.

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